World Wide Foods is leading supplier of in the ethnic food industry since its establishment in 2004. We are focused in food service and have become trusted catering and wholesale suppliers, specialising in food from all over the world.
With over 35,000 square feet storage capacity , the cash and carry service forms the foundation of our service. Our distribution division operates a large fleet of vehicles and we deliver around the clock to ensure the needs of our customers are met.
Our expertise is in supplying products to the Indian, Chinese, Afro-Carribean, Italian, South American and Irish markets. We not only list major brand names but also carry an extensive range of our private label products to futher enhance the quality of our offering.

Our Mission

To source and promote , quality products in a fair and sustainable manner with little or no impact on the environment. Our commitment to supplying the right product at the right price while making sure orders are fulfilled completely and delivered on time.

Our Vibe

At its core, Worldwide Foods is striving to treat everyone equally in a honest and fair manner.

The company was built on integrity and since its establishment has set up funds which feed hundreds of needy widows and orphans on a endless monthly ration pack scheme. It has also helped build schools and has placed numerous water pumps with filters in areas where clean water was not easily available. Gift packs with clothing, confectionary and toys are also given each year on festive occasions.

“If you are hungry ,that’s all you can dream of. If you are fed you can dream of lots more”
– Mr Saeed Tariq (Director)

“No one in this day and age should be dying of starvation when a third of the worlds food production goes to waste. There has to be a simpler solution to end this”
– Mr Naseer Saeed (Director)

Worldwide Foods has allocated .05c of every €1 turned over towards this issue since its establishment.

Our Philosophy

Best Product Prices

Reliable & Timely Service

Be Accountable

Dedicated Support

Be Accountable

Naseer Saeed


Umar Saeed


Atif Ghazanfar


Nasir Saeed

Transport Logistics

World Wide Foods is constantly growing its team. If you are interested in working for us, please email your CV to info@wwfoods.ie


A Halal certificate is a guarantee that products that we supply to our customers, comply with the Islamic dietary requirements.